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Equipment Field Services

Mobile heavy equipment repair services are great for getting your equipment up and running without making a trip to the shop. Whether you need emergency services that require immediate attention, or your equipment is simply too big to transport, Allebach Hauling can help with state-of-the-art equipment field service.

We offer a wide array of on-site maintenance and repair options, including:

  • Hydraulics repairs and maintenance. We’ll make sure your hydraulics systems are running smoothly by pinpointing problem areas and making immediate repairs.
  • Oil sampling. As a preventive maintenance measure, we’ll take a sample of your oil, coolant, or fuel and analyze it for abnormalities to diagnose and correct potential complications.
  • Undercarriage repairs and maintenance. Your undercarriage endures quite a bit of wear and tear that often goes unnoticed. At Allebach Hauling, we’ll inspect your machine’s undercarriage, repair cracks, and realign tracks as needed so your equipment can operate at full capacity.
  • Welding and fabrication. If you need a part replacement or repair, we’ll fuse your equipment with our portable welding and machining tools.
  • Engine service. Combat the inconvenience of a faulty engine with convenient on-site engine repair services. We have the parts and skills to restore a variety of engine makes and models.
  • Generator and switchgear service. It’s difficult to transport your generator or switchgear to a shop. Our on-site heavy equipment repair services ensure that your equipment still receives the care and maintenance it needs to function efficiently.

Expert Mobile Equipment Repair

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